How To Hide A Pillar In Living Room

How To Hide A Pillar In Living Room

Many modern homes feature open floor plans that prioritize spaciousness And natural light. Explore creative solutions for How to Hide a Pillar in Living Room. Enhance your space with expert advice. However, This architectural choice often comes with A design challenge: Unsightly structural pillars that disrupt The flow And aesthetics Of Thedrawing room. Fortunately, there Are several creative ways To hide these pillars while enhancing The overall look And functionality Of your living space. In this article, We will explore various design solutions To effectively conceal pillars In your drawing room.

Built-in Shelving

Built-in Shelving How To Hide A Pillar In Living Room

Built-in shelving Is not just A functional storage solution; It can also be A clever way How To Hide A Pillar In Living Room. These seemingly immovable obstacles can disrupt The flow Of A space And may leave you scratching your head For design solutions. However, with built-in shelving, you can transform these eyesores into decorative features.

One approach Is To build shelves around The pillar. Creating An integrated look that seamlessly incorporates The structure into The overall design. By carefully choosing materials And colors that match Or complement your existing decor. You can make The column appear intentional And aesthetically appealing. Adding artwork Or decorative items On The shelves will divert attention away from The pillar itself.

Another option Is To use shelving units As dividers To create different zones within your drawing room while effectively concealing pillars. This approach not only creates additional storage options But also gives your space A sense Of depth And dimension. By incorporating open shelving On both sides Of The unit, You maintain An open plan feel without sacrificing any functionality.

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Architectural Features

Architectural Features How To Hide A Pillar In Living Room

Architectural features play A significant role In defining The character And design Of A space. But sometimes they can pose challenges when It comes To interior design. One common obstacle Is dealing with pillars Or columns that disrupt The flow Of A room. However, Rather than considering them As hindrances, Architects And designers have found innovative ways To incorporate these structural elements seamlessly into The overall aesthetic.

Another technique For camouflaging pillars involves utilizing creative interior elements To divert attention away from them. For instance, Strategic placement in living room Of furniture pieces like sofas, Bookcases, Or tall plants can create visual barriers that draw attention elsewhere within The space. Furthermore, Using vibrant colors On surrounding walls while keeping The column itself neutral-toned can help diminish Its prominence without entirely eliminating Its existence.

Room Dividers

Room Dividers

Room dividers can be A practical And stylish solution For How To Hide A Pillar In Living Room. Instead Of viewing these architectural features As obstacles, Consider them As opportunities To add character And functionality To your space. One idea Is To use tall, Freestanding shelves As room dividers. Not only do they provide An efficient way To divide The room. But they also offer additional storage space For books, Decorative items, Or even A mini bar.

Another option Is To utilize folding screens Or curtains As room dividers. These versatile accessories create A sense Of privacy without blocking natural light Or disrupting The flow Of The room. Choose A screen with An interesting pattern Or texture To make It A statement piece that enhances your overall décor. Alternatively, Opt For elegant curtains that can be drawn back when you want open space And closed during times when you desire privacy.



The strategic placement Of mirrors can not only serve As A functional tool But also add An element Of elegance To your drawing room while cleverly disguising unsightly pillars. By strategically positioning large, Ornate mirrors On adjacent walls Or opposite The column, You can create An illusion Of openness And space. The reflection In The mirror will divert attention from The pillar And instead draw focus To other elements In The room. Furthermore, Mirrors can enhance natural light by bouncing It around The room. Making even The darkest corners feel brighter And more inviting.

Decorative Columns

Decorative Columns

Decorative columns can be both functional And visually appealing In A drawing room. However, there may come A time when you wish To hide A pillar that disrupts The flow Of your space. One creative solution Is To use decorative elements that blend seamlessly with your existing décor. For example, Incorporating tall potted plants On either side Of The column can help camouflage Its presence while adding A touch Of natural beauty.

Another way To hide A column In your drawing room Is by utilizing curtains Or drapes strategically. By placing floor-length curtains around The column. You can effectively soften Its appearance And create the illusion Of An architectural feature rather than An obstruction. Choose curtains with patterns Or textures that complement your overall design scheme. Enhancing The aesthetic appeal while simultaneously diverting attention from The pillar.

Furniture Placement

Furniture Placement

When It comes To furniture placement. Sometimes we Are faced with challenges such As An unsightly pillar In The middle Of The drawing room. Instead Of trying To work around It, Why not turn It into A focal point? One clever way To hide A pillar Is by incorporating It into A built-in bookshelf Or entertainment center. By surrounding The pillar with shelves And storage units. You can create A visually appealing feature that also serves A practical purpose.

Another innovative solution Is To use The pillar As An architectural element For hanging artwork Or installing floating shelves. This not only draws attention away from The pillar itself But also creates additional display space For your cherished items Or decorative living room pieces. By strategically placing furniture And accessories around The area, You can balance out The space And ensure that the pillar does not dominate The room’s overall aesthetic. Remember, When faced with design obstacles like pillars In your drawing room. Embrace them As opportunities For creativity rather than hindrances!

Art and Wall Decor

Art and Wall Decor

If you have A pillar In your living room that has been bothering you, Don’t let It cramp your style! Instead Of viewing It As An architectural hindrance, See It As An opportunity To showcase your creativity And enhance The aesthetics Of The space. One way To effectively hide A pillar Is by using art And wall decor strategically. For instance, Consider installing large-scale artwork that complements The existing color palette Of The room while diverting attention away from The pillar. This will not only camouflage Its presence But also create A focal point that draws The eye towards something captivating.

Another idea To mask A pillar Is by utilizing gallery walls Or An arrangement Of smaller artworks around It. By carefully clustering various pieces, You can create An interesting visual tableau that diminishes The prominence Of The pillar. Incorporating different shapes, Sizes, And textures will add depth And character To this arrangement. Remember To ensure cohesiveness by considering themes Or color schemes when selecting your chosen artworks – this will help achieve harmony within your overall decor scheme while expertly hiding any unwelcome obstructions.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s):

1. Can I completely hide a pillar in my living room?

No, It Is not possible To completely hide A pillar In your drawing room As It Is A structural component Of The building.

2. Are there any creative ways to camouflage a pillar in the living room?

Yes, You can use various techniques such As incorporating The pillar into A decorative column Or covering It with A faux finish Or decorative paneling.

3. Can I remove a pillar from my drawing room without compromising its stability?

It Is not recommended To remove A pillar without consulting with A structural engineer Or contractor. As It could potentially compromise The stability Of your home.

4. How can I make a pillar blend seamlessly with the rest of my living room decor?

You can paint The pillar In The same color As your walls Or use wallpaper Or decorative elements that match your overall design scheme.

5. Is it possible to turn a pillar into an architectural feature?

Yes, You can transform A plain pillar into An architectural feature by adding moldings, Trim work, Or even installing built-in shelving around it.


Concealing A pillar In your drawing room Is not just about hiding An architectural necessity; It’s An opportunity To enhance The overall aesthetics And functionality Of your space. Whether you choose To incorporate The pillar into your design. Disguise It with decorative elements, Or strategically arrange your furniture. There Are numerous creative solutions To transform An eyesore into A design asset. By implementing these ideas, You can achieve A more cohesive And visually appealing living room that seamlessly integrates structural elements into your interior design.

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